Customer Service

  • What do I do if I broke a leg or hole? 

    • We understand that things can break.  Please email our customer service and we will work with you so you can have a full working set ASAP.  ​​

  • How can I replace a leg, hole, net or carrying bag ​

    • Please email customer service with what you need.  ​

  • What is the guarantee/warranty on each set? ​

    • ? ​

  • I'm not happy with this product, how can I return my set and receive a refund? ​

    • ? ​

  • How do I contact the company? ​

    • Please email us at anytime at ​


  • How do I assemble my set? 

    • Watch this video!

  • How do I store my set? 

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  • What are the rules? 

    • You can either read our 'How To Play' instructions or watch this video! ​

  • Can I use more than one set for my course?​

    • Of course!  This is meant to be a custom play style with options to play with 3 holes or 18! ​

  • How many people can play a round? ​

    • As many as you want!  ​