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About our Product

Our United States-based PVC company regrinds unused or flawed PVC pipe and fittings to use in our co-extruded pipe product which consists of a two-part extrusion, with the inside being recycled PVC and the outside being a high quality furniture grade. They also offer their products to 3rd party recyclers on a quarterly basis who reuse the product as regrind in their materials. This is especially popular now given the extremely high cost of resins and materials for production due to shortages.

Also, it should be noted that our products are not intended to be single-use plastics and are intended to last for 25+ years in direct sunlight. This lowers the impact on our products being tossed into a landfill unlike some of the toxic copycat products which will break down in a year.

  • Furniture grade PVC

  • Meant to last 25+ years in direct sunlight

  • Interior Recycled PVC